Nezbitt’s Robotic Knight Deck

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Robotic Knight
TCG/OCG: Either
Submission Date: October 16th 2018
Last Updated: October 18th 2018
Author: YugiMuto2005
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Nezbitt uses a Machine Deck centering on "Machine King" and its evolved form "Perfect Machine King". Nezbitt combines "Clockwork Night" with "Short Circuit", transforming all enemy monsters into Machine-Types and forcing them into Attack position, the transformation of the monsters to Machines further strengthening his "Machine King". Nezbitt also makes use of his Deck Master, "Robotic Knight's" special ability Final Artillery, which lets him discard his other Machine monsters to inflict 500 damage to his opponent.

Note: Some cards in Nezbitt's deck are "anime-only" cards.

Here is a list of those cards:

  • Clockwork Night (Continuous Spell)
Deck List
MonsterCyber Falcon x1
Giga-Tech Wolf x1
Ground Attacker Bugroth x1
Oni Tank T-34 x1
Robotic Knight x1
Cannon Soldier x1
Gradius' Option x1
Machine King x1
Perfect Machine King x1
SpellsCard of Sanctity x1
Dimensionhole x1
Fusion Recycling Plant x1
Short Circuit x1
TrapsBackup Soldier x1
Riryoku Field x1
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