Welcome to YGOPRODecks. This is a website dedicated to sharing and downloading decks for the dueling system, YGOPRO. Here at YGOPRODecks we support both the YGOPRO and DevPro dueling systems. You can read more about these dueling systems here.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Card Game

Dark Magician Normal Monster Level 7

The game is a trading card game in which players draw cards from their respective decks and take turns playing cards onto “the field.” Each player uses a deck containing forty to sixty cards, and an optional “Extra Deck” of up to fifteen cards. There is also a fifteen card side deck, which allows players to swap cards from their main deck and/or extra deck between games. Players are restricted to three of each card per deck and must follow the Forbidden/Limited card list, which restricts selected cards by Konami to be limited to two, one, or zero. Each player starts with 8,000 (2,000 to 4,000 in the manga and anime) “Life Points”, with the main aim of the game to use attacks and spells to reduce the opponent’s Life Points. The game ends upon reaching one of the following conditions:

  • A player loses if their Life Points reaches zero. If both players reach zero Life Points at the same time, the game ends in a draw.
  • A player loses if they are required to draw, but has no more cards to draw in the Main Deck.
  • Certain cards have special effects which trigger an automatic win or loss when its conditions are met.
  • A player can surrender at any time.

For a much more in depth explanation on how to play the card game please visit this site.

Downloading and Installing Decks

To download a deck from YGOPRODecks, browse to the deck page and click on the download link. The deck will be downloaded directly from our server. Decks are then imported directly into YGOPRO by dropping the .ydk file into the “deck” folder of the YGOPRO installation (C:\Program Files (x86)\YGOPro\deck).

For Android/iOS, locate the downloaded file and select copy. You then need to locate the installation files (some phones may need a file browser installed such as ES File Explorer) which is the “YGOPRO” folder and paste the downloaded .ydk file into the “Deck” folder.

Once the deck has been dropped into the right folder, simply launch YGOPRO and it will appear in your deck selection screen.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki Card Tips

Yu-Gi-Oh! Resources

These resources can be used to gain knowledge on card strategies and stay up to date on the current meta.

  • Yu-Gi-oh! Subreddit: A good place to post a question and discuss the general Yu-Gi-Oh card game. Lots of discussion on cards, deck building strategies and the YGOPRO systems can be found here.
  • Official Card Database: An official card database.
  • Yu-Gi-oh! Wiki: An excellent site when looking for card tips and strategies. Each card has it’s own tip section.

YGOPRO Deck Building

Deck building is fairly straight forward in YGOPRO. You open the deck builder screen, search for cards and add them to each card section (main, extra, side). The main section needs a minimum of 40 cards while the extra and side section can only have a maximum of 15 cards.
As you can see below, you can search for a card using the drop downs or by searching it’s name. When you find a card you can drag it into the appropriate section to add it to your deck. Take note of the indicators over some of the cards. The yellow 1 icon means that the card is restricted to 1 in your deck while the red cross icon means the card is banned from use under the current ban list. The ban list can be changed from the drop down list and players can duel using various ban lists.

YGOPRO Replays

Replay Selection

Replays are a great way to refine your skills and learn from your mistakes. Not only that but they can be used to easily created YouTube videos of your duels. Once you complete a duel in YGOPRO, you are prompted to save your replay. Once you have the replay saved you can watch it again from the main menu and the duel will play out automatically at a set speed. From here, you can use some external recording software such as FRAPS to record your screen and then upload the clip to YouTube. An example of this can be viewed here.

Useful YGOPRODeck Site Links

  • Most Popular Decks: A quick view on the most popular decks that have been uploaded to YGOPRODeck.
  • Site FAQ: General questions and answers relating to YGOPRODeck.
  • Forums: An area to discuss card, decks and videos.

Beginner Decks

To learn the very basics of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game I would recommend an anime deck. Many of these decks are extremely straight forward with many normal monsters, effect monsters and some spell/trap cards. The Joey Wheeler and Tea Gardner decks would be easy decks for new players. These decks will guide you through the basics of the card game (summoning, setting, tributing, attacking, etc).

Once you have the basics learned then it is time to move onto some more advanced techniques. Fusion, XYZ, Ritual and Pendulum summoning are all core components of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. These may take a while to grasp but with practice makes perfect.
I recommend using the New Players deck which contains Fusion, Ritual, XYZ and Pendulum monsters. This deck will teach you the basics of these different types of monsters. I recommend using it against the A.I. of YGOPRO. Have the A.I. use the same starter deck so you can also see how the A.I. would use the cards.

Official Rule-Book

The official rule-book from Konami can be viewed here.

Returning Players

Have you returned to Yu-Gi-Oh! after a long break? Have many new mechanics and changes been introduced that you need to catch up on? Danwolf has you covered with his article for returning players!

Returning to Yu-Gi-Oh?