mrl draft

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: t
Submission Date: October 17th 2021
Author: WoodsyYOB
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SpellsChain Energy x5
Hamburger Recipe x4
Horn of the Unicorn x1
Magical Labyrinth x1
Chorus of Sanctuary x5
Umiiruka x3
Commencement Dance x6
Toll x4
Curse of Fiend x1
Gaia Power x4
Turtle Oath x2
Rising Air Current x2
Luminous Spark x3
Mystic Plasma Zone x5
Black Illusion Ritual x1
Final Destiny x3
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Molten Destruction x3
Horn of Light x2
Megamorph x1
The Reliable Guardian x3
Tailor of the Fickle x1
Upstart Goblin x2
Darkness Approaches x2
Eternal Rest x1
Rush Recklessly x1
Gravekeeper's Servant x2
Snatch Steal x1
MonsterMinar x3
Psychic Kappa x4
Sonic Bird x6
Penguin Knight x8
Jigen Bakudan x1
Electric Snake x4
Ceremonial Bell x6
Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames x1
Senju of the Thousand Hands x3
Serpent Night Dragon x1
Stone Ogre Grotto x3
Liquid Beast x4
Guardian of the Throne Room x3
Mechanical Snail x4
Hiro's Shadow Scout x3
Twin Long Rods #2 x1
Queen Bird x3
Mystic Tomato x1
Dark Witch x3
Wall Shadow x2
Crab Turtle x5
Octoberser x1
Shining Angel x2
Dark Zebra x3
Red Archery Girl x5
Slot Machine x3
Kotodama x4
Ameba x1
Labyrinth Wall x3
Fire Kraken x4
Giant Rat x2
Banisher of the Light x1
Performance of Sword x2
Giant Germ x2
Metal Fish x3
Flash Assailant x3
High Tide Gyojin x1
Hyozanryu x2
Spear Cretin x1
Griggle x1
Flying Kamakiri #1 x3
Ancient One of the Deep Forest x3
Mother Grizzly x3
Maha Vailo x1
Peacock x2
Boar Soldier x1
Weather Report x1
Ryu-Ran x1
Hungry Burger x1
Tyhone #2 x2
TrapsFairy's Hand Mirror x6
Eatgaboon x4
House of Adhesive Tape x4
Snake Fang x1
Id#created by Deck Viewer ( x1

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