Monarch Deck for Duel Links

Deck Information
Deck Type: Duel Links Decks
Deck Master: Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
TCG/OCG: tcg
Submission Date: March 7th 2019
Author: M0RRIZ
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Monarch Deck:

During the course of the game Monarch decks have always been considered a bad rogue deck. There were metas were they could actually dominate (i.e. the Gladiator Beast meta) and other ones in which the deck just suffered too much from banish effect. The Treeborn Frog engine was insane and could generate a lot of value and advantage, but nerfs and meta changes made it impractical. The release of good substitutes for it made the deck viable, and now more than ever, it has a chance to be tiered deck that is used in tournaments.

In the guide we wont focus on a single particular build, but we will point to all the staple cards that can see play to let everyone play the deck how they feel works the best for them instead.

How to Play:

You grind early/mid game in order to out resource your opponent and aim for a late game win while your opponent has no answers.
Monarchs tend to be a dominate or get dominated deck because of some brick hands we have to face after losing restart. The deck naturally deals with monsters so you can focus your tributes to deal with backrow, hand disruption,consistency and board presence.

Core of the Deck


After the changes to Restart and Balance, picking the correct skill became more difficult for Treeborn decks.

Skills you might consider are Beatdown and Baggy Sleeves. Also, playing some copies of Cosmic Cyclone and Switcheroo might work out since this deck can be prone to some bad hands and Switcheroo is the only consistency skill we have. Another possibility is Heavy Starter. In the current meta Beatdown seems the best choice to be able to go over Wiz, Sage Fur HireDyna, Hero Fur Hire and Masked HERO Anki and get that extra damage boost. The latest Zane event brought us a very good skill: Cyber Style. Paired with Kuribohs and Cosmic Cyclones to manipulate the LP, it is an insane skill and it seems to be the best one along Beatdown!

Toggle Deck List
MonsterGranmarg the Rock Monarch x2
Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch x2
Psychic Ace x3
Relinkuriboh x1
SpellsFrost Blast of the Monarchs x1
Anti-Magic Arrows x2
Cosmic Cyclone x1
Enemy Controller x2
TrapsPaleozoic Canadia x1
Paleozoic Hallucigenia x1
Wall of Disruption x1
Escalation of the Monarchs x2
Limit Reverse x1

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