Maximillion Pegasus Speed Duel Deck

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Relinquished
Submission Date: April 21st 2020
Author: Yami Osmium
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SkillsMillennium Eye (Skill Card) x1
MonsterParrot Dragon x1
Rogue Doll x1
Toon Alligator x2
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon x1
Toon Buster Blader x1
Toon Dark Magician x1
Red-Eyes Toon Dragon x1
Toon Summoned Skull x1
Toon Cyber Dragon x1
Toon Mermaid x2
Toon Masked Sorcerer x2
Relinquished x1
SpellsToon World x2
Toon Kingdom x1
Mimicat x1
Riryoku x1
Shadow Toon x1
Toon Rollback x1
Toon Table of Contents x1
Black Illusion Ritual x1
TrapsThe Eye of Truth x1
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