Gladiator Beast Duel Links v2

Deck Information
Deck Type: Duel Links Decks
Deck Master: Gladiator Beast Gyzarus
Submission Date: July 30th 2020
Author: Fuzzistor
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Help me to improve my deck please.

The main strategy is to put Domitianus or Nerokius on the first turn of the game. If domitianus is destroyed the defeat is assured since you have invested many cards. I'm confortable setting Nerokius on first turn because offers a threshold along with rejection.

When you start second Gyzarus offers great control on the board which increases the chances of winning.

The difficulty of the deck is to summon a fusion in the first turn to start the party, that's the purpose of deck composition , to ensure summon with each start hand. When I de-fusion Gyzarus i use to set Vespacius and Sagitarii.

Not sure to use Vespacius but Sagitarii offer draw control and retiarii offer banish power.

I don't know what "skill" to use so actually i'm playing without it.

I am open to changes and suggestions.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterGladiator Beast Andal x2
Gladiator Beast Vespasius x1
Gladiator Beast Laquari x2
Gladiator Beast Bestiari x3
Gladiator Beast Sagittarii x1
Gladiator Beast Retiari x1
SpellsGladiator Rejection x3
Onslaught of the Fire Kings x3
Unexpected Dai x3
TrapsGladiator Beast War Chariot x3
ExtraGladiator Beast Domitianus x1
Gladiator Beast Heraklinos x1
Gladiator Beast Nerokius x1
Gladiator Beast Gyzarus x2

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