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    I submited a deck but forgot to include the deckmaster and the listand i got the Name wrong not Heraldic its Hieratic. Sorry im German, not that familiar with english card name.

    Deckmaster: Radiant Divine Bird Vene



    3x Radiant Divine Bird Vene
    1x Wattaildragon
    1x Labradorite Dragon
    1x Curse of Dragon
    1x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
    3x Hieratic Dragon of Su
    3x Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit
    3x Hieratic Dragon of Nebthebt
    3x Hieratic Dragon of Eset
    2x Photon Thrasher
    3x Maju of the Ten Thousand Hands


    3x Primal Call
    3x Pre-Preparations of Rites
    3x Hieratic seal of Convyocation
    1x Raigeki
    1x Monster Gate
    2x Mystical Space Typhon


    3x Royal Degree

    Extra Deck

    1x Ultimaya Tzolkin
    1x Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons
    1x Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon
    1x Michael, the Arch Lightsworn
    1x Number 107: Galaxy Eyes Tachion Dragon
    1x Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlor of Heliopolis
    1x Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand
    1x Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger
    2x Constellar Ptolmeny M7
    2x Hieratic King of Attum
    1x Adreus, Kepper of Armageddon
    1x Quenn Dragon Dshinn
    1x Number 101: Silent Honor ARK

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    Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu
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    I apologize for being very late in replying. In complete honesty, I have never used Vene before, but I have used Hieratics a lot and I can see some obvious things you can take out/add in.

    Let’s start with your Main Deck

    Take out all of your Royal Decrees. They are completely unnecessary. You can side 1 for the matchup against Paleozoics/Burgesstoma.

    Honestly I don’t find Monster Gate to be particularly useful in this deck. Take it out.

    You don’t need 2 MST. I would put 2 Twin Twisters instead.

    Take out Curse of Dragon and Wattail Dragon. Both are unnecesary as you can consistently recycle Labradorite Dragon. Add in 1 Galaxy Serpent.

    You don’t need 3 Nebthet. Honestly, for Hieratics all you need are Su, Tefnuit, and Eset. Take out all 3 Nebthet.

    I can see why you have Photon Thrasher, but it conflicts with Tefnuit so take it out. Your goal is to use your Hieratics to make your monsters.

    I’m conflicted about whether or not you should keep DMD. It’s not a bad choice and acts like a Tzolkin for the grave, but is really unnecessary until Tzolkin dies (a.k.a. late game) which should be never in complete honesty assuming ¬†you want to win. I would side deck DMD instead of putting it in your main deck.

    Put in 1 or 2 (your choice) Hieratic Seal of Supremacy. This makes it so that you can SS Tefnuit or Su if necessary without using their conditions (for example, you have Tefnuit in hand but your opponent doesn’t have a monster, then use Supremacy to summon Tefnuit).

    I would add in a Brilliant Fusion engine. Put in 3 Brilliant Fusions and 2 Gem-Knight Lazuli.

    Put in Soul Charge, this is your recovery option.

    Put in Upstart Goblin and One Day of Peace. Both are good draw cards.

    I would put in 1 Quaking Mirror Force and 2 Solemn Strikes with 1 Solemn Warning.

    Now we will talk about your Extra Deck

    First things first, take out all rank 4 monsters. They are completely unnecessary in a Hieratic deck.

    I would add a second Tzolkin, but that is completely optional.

    Take out Gaia Charger, put in 1 Utopia Beyond.

    Take out Felgrand. No need for Heliopolis. You only should have one rank 8 monster. You mostly will have rank 6.

    Put in 1 Photon Strike Bounzer. It’s essentially a burn-version of Crystal Wing.

    Put in 1 Dragulas.

    Put in 1 Gauntlet Launcher.

    Put in 1 Black Rose Moonlight Dragon. It can be summoned through Tzolkin and it bounces back lvl 5 or higher monsters.

    Put in 1 Stardust Spark Dragon. Can’t be destroyed once per turn so it’s your last resort for Tzolkin.

    That should do it for your Main Deck and Extra. You can make your own Side Deck depending on what you think you need. If you need more help, let me know.

    Btw, you should consider making this a Saffira Deck instead. Makes rank 6 plays and Tzolkin easier.

    "Strategy without tactics is the slowest way to victory.

    Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."

    - Sun Tzu

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