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    Hi everyone i’m new t this site so tell me if i should have posted this somewhere else but i think this is the right place.
    I’ve tested this deck quite a bit and i’m really happy with it i just want to get other peoples opinions on it.

    The odd eyes search card is obviously great as it has two different uses and “odd eyes saber dragon” is an extra tribute on my hieratics or any light monsters meaning instant rank 7 also because “odd eyes saber dragon” sends “odd eyes dragon” to grave that’s an instant target for “return of the dragon lords” as well.
    The synchros may seem out of place but they’ve saved me before so i’m sticking with them and the labradorite dragon.

    Obviously the search power is the main thing that makes this deck really strong and the constant “return of the dragon lords” always being in grave.
    “Hieratic dragon su” and “Wingbeat of giant dragon” are my only spell/trap removal if we ignore the odd eyes search spell. They seem to be enough for now.
    Finally i might add a beatrice but not sure if its worth it just for “Eclipse Wyvern” and “Return of dragon lords”

    Thanks for any ideas/suggestions you might have!


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