Cubedraft/ not all cards are loading

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OPJadson117 3 weeks ago - Edited: 3 weeks ago

We are having trouble recently while drafting , that only half of the cards will load . The rest of them are backwards . It happens on all browser  and deleting cache doesnt do anything.Please help.

Mamo Muto 3 weeks ago

My friend got the same Problem

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ygoprodeck 3 weeks ago

Hey guys, can we get some more details on the issue:

- Cube you were using

- Cube Settings

- Exact steps to reproduce the issue

- Does it occur in every cube you attempt?

- Does it occur in a solo cube with bots?


OPJadson117 2 weeks ago

All custom cubes 

any timer 

every cube

idk if it also happens with bots

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ygoprodeck 2 weeks ago

Jadson117 Can you send me a link to one of the cubes?

I've tested multiple times since the report and cannot reproduce. However, as you said some of the cards are showing the back of the card, this is making me thing there is a javascript error occurring during the draft. Possibly with a specific card.

I'll set up a test with an exact cube you have used.