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OPBugattiblue 2 weeks ago

Hello admin of Ygoprodeck,

I have a question regarding your website.

Whenever I look up a card, the webadress always lists the card in question with an additional number behind it.


With 9766 being the number in question.

Is it possible to either view or create a list of all the card pages based on these numbers?


ygoprodeck 2 weeks ago

Hey there,

What purpose is it that you would need these numbers? They are just our own identifiers for cards. 

If needing to link to our card page it can also be done like so:

OPBugattiblue 2 weeks ago

Thank you for your reply,

The reason I would have need for these numbers is to do with a project of mine.

I have used Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in the past as inspiration to try and create my own Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel.

Seeing as the images that are displayed on those cards basically cover every myth, legend and other popular form of media, the possibilities seem endless.

Previously, I used the Konami Index Database ID, which starts on 4007 (Blue-Eyes White Dragon).

I used these numbers to format the cards in a list, and through a long process, I was able to create new original storylines that beared little to no resemblance to the original source material, as it is not my intention to steal original works, but to merely be inspired and create my own.

I was able to come by these numbers using Yugipedia.

But due to a recent storage mistake at Yugipedia, A great portion of the information that was stored there, was lost, and left their website inaccesssible.

I have tried other sites, such as the original Yu-Gi-Oh! site created by Konami, but they only show the TCG in english and the OCG in japanese (Which I cannot read, nor can I translate it in such a way that the contents doesen't get lost in translation).

That is when I remembered your website, on which I made an account a long while back when I had an earlier Yu-Gi-Oh! phase in my youth.

I noticed you had nearly every card and deck listed here. Except for some release dates on certains packs and boosters, which, if you need valid dates for said packs and boosters, I would advise you to go to

From what I could see, they almost have all of the release dates for the packs and boosters you are still missing.

I also noticed you had your own numbering system for every card, which peaked my interest, even though I favored the Konami Index, it was still flawed, with several numbers missing. 

TL:DR: I wish to have these numbers for a project, since I see it as a better equivalement of the Konami Index Database, and I now once again use your website, because Yugipedia is now inaccessible.

PS: I tried using the address you posted, and although it brings me to your website, said page does not exist.


ygoprodeck 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the detailed response although I am still not certain why you would need these IDs. They are useless externally as they are purely an internal measure of our card numbering system.

It sounds like you are trying to get a list of cards. If so, please use our public API.

The second link will return a list of all cards we have. 

The first card on the list has an ID of 34541863. So visit that on our site you can do this:

This will bring you directly to the card pages. If you are trying to scrape information from our card page, please don't. That is what the public API above is for.

We also have the Konami ID system available through our API:

If you wish to get a list of all our cards and return the Konami ID response;



OPBugattiblue 2 weeks ago

Thank you again for your reply,

The only reason I wanted a list of those ID's is because I cannot search for cards on your website by only typing in that ID.

Those numbers will aid me in formatting a list, by using said ID's I will be able to create a list in Excel that will list Yu-Gi-Oh! cards based on the ID's given to them by your website.

Do I truly need those ID's: No, but it would make my work a whole lot easier.

It was never my intention to as you called it to "scrape" your website, nor had I ever any intention of harming or augmenting your site in any negative way, I could not even do that if I wanted to, nor do I know how.

The reasons I never used the 8-digit ID (Passcodes), is because, not all cards have these codes.

I might have given you the wrong impression of myself by asking these questions, my apologies if I did.

ygoprodeck 2 weeks ago

No need to apologize! I just wanted to be doubly sure.

In terms of our database, any card added to our database has an 8 digit card ID and is the intended way to publicly "identify" the card. No card can be added that does not have an 8 digit Card ID (Passcode). This why I suggest our public API. All cards in our database are in this API.

I understand what you are trying to do but we don't necessarily want to keep a continual up to date list of our internal card numbers publicly available since it adds another later of confusion/complexity to people using our systems, especially our API. 

I feel like what you are trying to achieve can be easily easily achieved by using our API, grabbing all card IDs and then using the system I showed above:

I'm curious to learn about what cards you think don't have an 8 digit passcode because if it didn't, it wouldn't work on our website :)

I hope our reasoning makes sense!


OPBugattiblue 2 weeks ago

Thank you for your explanation

I did not know of the process that determined the ID's that your website gave to these cards, and it is perfectly understandable that you do not wish to update this list if it will add unesseccary confusion/complexity.

An example of an card that, to my knowledge, does not bare an 8 digit passcode would be "The Winged Dragon of Ra".

I looked on various sites like the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, Yugipedia, The Yugioh Card Database etc. But none of them had listed a passcode beside the aforementioned card.

But in between our messages I have found that your version does have one. I guess those websites have their work cut out for them.

And now that you have confirmed it, I can continue my work using said passcodes, for which I am highly grateful,


Does not lead to a page, it just says "Not found"

Nevertheless, using this I can continue my work, for which I am highly grateful.

Thank you for your patience.