Cube Draft Glitches

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OPEndlessGadgets 2 weeks ago

Me and some friends were using the cube draft feature and encountered numerous glitches such as the following:
Multiple people having the same pack and this number of people increasing over the course of the draft

The amount of cards in the pack not lining up

Is there a solution to these issues?

ygoprodeck 2 weeks ago

Hi there,

Cube drafting is still very much in beta and bugs are currently to be expected.

Can you provide the cube settings you were using please (pack size, draft size, number of players, cube size). Thanks!

OPEndlessGadgets 2 weeks ago

Sure! This gitch occurred in both cubes we attempted. The settings were the following

pack size 20 draft size 80 number of players 4 cube size 400

pack size 15 draft size 75 number of players 5 cube size 11783 (test run for a YouTube series my friend wanted to make featuring a cube of nearly every card in the game)

Thank you!

OPEndlessGadgets 2 weeks ago

I was just informed my friend attempted the every card cube later and it worked just fine. That run only had 4 players though

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ygoprodeck 1 week ago

Glad to hear it went ok for your friend but I am still going to investigate to see if I can reproduce.