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progression duel /master duel / chaotic draft By flames4002 - 2 weeks ago 265in case link does not work try  paste in this code in a tab or if you want to just feel free to add me on discord flames4002#1274. i be waiting every time 2 weeks ago2
Progression Series Partner By anamatsu - 1 month ago 347i misage him but he stop responding if you are willing to talk your discord name is inncorrect. but no madder i send mine here fell free if you are still looking i be on discord flames4002#12742 weeks ago3
Progression Series By Wolflink88 - 8 months ago 3089aslo wolf i send you a friend request only if you are still looking 4 weeks ago5
zoek nederlandse speelers By rebootleg - 1 month ago 213ik ben op zoek naar lokele nederlandse speelers, als je geintreseert bent voeg me toe op discord: rebootleg#55101 month ago1
Retro format duels By Hiden01 - 1 month ago 213Anyone here interested in playing retro formats on EdoPro?1 month ago1
Returning player here: I would love to try Chaos cube By Finalburner - 8 months ago 2143Hi, would you be interested in playing retro formats?1 month ago2
Cross-Banlist duels By Hiden01 - 3 months ago 725If you were ever curious how historical decks from different eras would fare against each other then here is your chance to find out. Just like in Lithium's popular YouTube series, on this server y3 months ago1
Duel in YGO Mobile By Graham Grethos - 3 months ago 748Hey, I just came new here to YGOprodeck and I was wondering if there's anyway to play with people here in YGO Mobile.3 months ago1
Legacy Duels By Hiden01 - 7 months ago 3313In this server you can play your favorite legacy formats from yugi-kaiba to the draco-zoo format right before the link era. New and returning players are especially welcome. this server is casual, 7 months ago1
Progression Serries / Chaos Draft By SjorenDevlo - 10 months ago 2864I also would be very interested, but its been sometime since I played. I also would love to try a chaos cube format if anyone is interested Andi98#45018 months ago3