Floodgate Fairies (card compilation)

Deck Information
Deck Type: Tutorial Decks
Deck Master: Archlord Kristya
Submission Date: May 12th 2021
Author: KiTheFairyGuy
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All the generic floodgate-y and negating Fairies I can find~

Toggle Deck List
MonsterTualatin x1
Splendid Venus x1
Archlord Kristya x1
Vanity's Ruler x1
Angel O7 x1
Sky Scourge Invicil x1
Aurora Paragon x1
Darklord Nurse Reficule x1
Barrier Statue of the Heavens x1
Silent Paladin x1
Banisher of the Radiance x1
Banisher of the Light x1
Consecrated Light x1
Herald of Ultimateness x1
Cyber Angel Vrash x1
Herald of Perfection x1
ExtraThe First Darklord x1
Herald of the Arc Light x1
Number 16: Shock Master x1
Herald of Mirage Lights x1
Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess x1


waddup ive got social anxiety and a love of fairies

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