Help support the continuation of YGOPRODecks.

Unfortunately ads had to be re-instated on the site due to the constant rising costs, new article writers and server improvements.

This page has been setup to accept donations. These donations are 100% not necessary and I will always strive and do my best to continue running and operating the site.

As for what the donations will be used for. Here are some of the costs and reasoning:

– Server hosting (including SSL certs and automatic monthly backups by the host provider).

– Server bandwidth extension when needed.

– Paying the Article writers. Every writer for YGOPRODeck are payed equally per article written.

– Giveaways! Down the line I want to implement a giveaway section on the site for the loyal users. I’ve been heavily planning this since the beginning of the site. Donations would go towards cards, decks, mats and so on that will be used for the giveaways. Please note, donations are not needed to make the giveaways a reality. I plan on doing this anyway but it will help run more regular and frequent giveaways.

As always, the huge support the site has received so far has been massively appreciated! Thank you all and may the site and community continue to grow and evolve.


If you do not see the donate button above this sentence then please email the administrator at:

When you donate, feel free to leave an optional message and your username by selecting “Add special instructions for the Recipient”. This will add your message here.

Site Donators
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