Help support the continuation of YGOPRODecks.

YGOPRODeck is a site that has been growing continually month over month. Each month we receive more and more users who download/query the site which increased costs.

Because of this, ads need to be run on the site. I do my very best to monitor these ads and ensure that none of them interfeare with the user experience. I know nobody likes ads and so it’s easy to use something like adblock but unfortunately it’s a necessary evil. Ads help continue with the running of the site along with the implementation of new features.

Some of our costs:

  • General Server Hosting Costs (SSL certificate, bandwidth usage, disk-size).
  • Article Writer Payments (each article for YGOPRODeck are paid to write for us).
  • Improvements to Giveaways and Tournanent Prizes.
  • New Fetures that are constantly being implemented.

And so on.

Since roughly August 2016. Our site has continually surpassed our allotted bandwidth budget and each month is passes it by a larger and larger margin. Thankfully our excellent Hosting Providers are so far easy-going about it but they are closely monitoring excessive usage.

On top of that I’ve updated the server infrastructure in December of 2016 to further improve user experience, reduce slowdowns and get rid of the annoying 508 errors (which is when the site is using up too much CPU/RAM usage).

So with ads, all this can be continued. We also accept donations (see below) which are much more effective than ads. A donation of €3 is the equivalent of over 10,000 ad impressions for us. That’s a huge amount! So donations can go a long long way.

So to conclude this short piece: Ads and donations go a long way in helping the continuation and support of the site among continually rising costs. Thank you for understanding.

As always, the huge support the site has received so far has been massively appreciated! Thank you all and may the site and community continue to grow and evolve.


We no longer accept donations as the site is now ad-driven.

When you donate, feel free to leave an optional message and your username by selecting “Add special instructions for the Recipient”. This will add your message here.

Site Donators
Name: Message: Amount Donated:
Dustin Dawson €2
Calvin Su #dankdeals €5
Patriopat €5