Crump’s Nightmare Penguin Deck

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Nightmare Penguin
TCG/OCG: Either
Submission Date: October 15th 2018
Last Updated: October 18th 2018
Author: YugiMuto2005
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Crump uses a "Penguin/WATER" Deck. His main strategy involves his Deck Master ability to change his WATER monsters into Beatsticks. He also uses "Defender Iceberg" with "Penguin Torpedo" to easily attack directly.

Note: Some cards in Crump's deck are "anime-only" cards.

Here is a list of those cards:

  • Defender Iceberg (Aqua/WATER/Level 6/ATK 0/DEF 2450)
  • Penguin Torpedo (Aqua/WATER/Level 3/ATK 550/DEF 300)
  • Ocean Of Regeneration (Continuous Spell)
  • Penguin Sword (Equip Spell)
  • Revenge Sacrifice (Quick-Play Spell)
Deck List
MonsterBolt Penguin x1
Flying Penguin x1
Giant Red Seasnake x1
Nightmare Penguin x1
SpellsCold Wave x1
TrapsDriving Snow x1
Gust x1
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