Getting Started in Trinity Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ever wanted to play some Yugioh without the possibility of playing against an FTK, Floodgate, Burn, Extra-Link, or Hand-Loop deck? Trinity is your best bet. With monthly tournaments and an active Discord community, there’s no better time to get started in Trinity! This article concisely covers everything you need to start playing straight away.

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Trinity: Combo under the Limit

Trinity is much, much slower than the TCG and OCG. This is mostly due to the Summon Limit: In Trinity, neither player can Summon more than 3 Effect monsters each turn. This slows down the format, and makes it so OTK/FTK combos are much more difficult to pull off. However, this certainly doesn’t remove the combo potential from the format. This article is just an introduction to all of the crazy things that you’re capable of doing in Trinity!

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