Blue-Eyes Dragon Caller [Speed Duel – Gen 1]

Deck Information
Deck Type: Speed Duel Decks
Deck Master: Dragon Caller
Submission Date: February 8th 2019
Last Updated: March 26th 2019
Author: RTT
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Speed Duel Decks

Follow in Kaiba's footsteps by conveniently activating The Flute of Summoning Dragon the moment you draw Lord of D. Those wasted opportunities of your childhood anime-copy deck are no more. Nothing can overpower a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but those who foolishly try will get overwhelmed by the overpowering Champion's Vigilance. Any Speed Duel-focused Blue-Eyes deck runs the risk of dead-draws, so why not go full-risk for a better payoff? The power of blue comes at a costly price.

Skill: Dragon Caller

Toggle Deck List
MonsterBlue-Eyes White Dragon x3
Red-Eyes B. Dragon x2
Luster Dragon 2 x1
Blue Dragon Summoner x3
Lord of D. x3
SpellsThe Flute of Summoning Dragon x3
Wonder Wand x3
TrapsChampion's Vigilance x2

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