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By MightyPotato
So how exactly are you supposed to get out vortex dragon with this deck? Ive seen it happen before but csnt gimmfigure it out. The only way I see is through gate zero but that negates his effect.
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By DarkMahad87
MightyPotato, get 2 level 7s and overlay into Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon. Use Absolute as material for a link summon, which sends it to the graveyard, and triggers its effect to special summon an Odd-Eyes dragon from the Extra Deck, which ideally would be the vortex. This was one of the go to plays before Astrograph got banned since he made it so easy to spam Level 7s. The issue I see in this deck, though, is that there aren't too many level 7s to make it consistent. Sure you can use Endymion himself, but that's a waste of an Endymion since you would want him on the field for his negate effect. Your only other options then are destrudo, if you pendulum summon it, or the gate zero itself. I don't see vortex being too consistent in this build, and don't know why he's playing two absolutes in the extra deck, when you could play other things, but maybe this works for him. I'd have to play test to see just how consistent the board looks like in the end.
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The one I have up was my first draft. I took out master endy, odd-eyes vortex and absolute and decided to go for synchro plays since I'm running harmonizing and destrudo. I have another endymion deck that has a lot of Lv7s in the deck.

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