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By TreetopDuelist
I'd take out the allures , since you're not really digging to any particular card. Allure is fine in decks with banish synergies, but you're not really trying to do that here. 3 Carboneddon also seems like a lot, especially in a deck with no real way to mill it/discard it. The effect to summon a red-eyes is great, but black stone already lets you do this, and you can only use one carboneddon per turn; that makes drawing into multiples somewhat redundant.

You can possibly max out on gospel of revival (That card is insanely good) and maybe even play a monster reborn, now that's it's limited. Note that carboneddon can't be sent by dragon shrine; You might want to play a foolish (Either replacing a shrine or in addition to it) just to get that extra flexibility.

I like the 3/1 of Soelmns, and the full force virus in the side is also a really good call; Shame red-eyes doesn't have 100 more attack for the EEV as well :(

Oh, also - Try First of the Dragons instead of 5-headed!
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By TheBabadock
treetop im aware but this is a decklist from a long time ago and im trying to fix it but this deck was mostly made for showing a basic red eyes deck and it needs some fixing but i haven't had time when working on other decks
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