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Hello everyone! Me and my friends decided to have a bit of a power crept old school fun: we are each picking up an old structure deck and build decks with up to three copies of the cards in the deck, plus some addictions from the "upgrades section" of the guides, no ban or limited list involved. The problem is that I have no idea were to start from, so I decided to post here to ask for suggestions and examples for making a deck (ratios, combinations, what to include and what not, which supports and generic cards i should focus on, etc. ...).
Whatever comes to your mind that can help, with up to three copies of the cards I'll be listing below.
Thanks in advance.
- Vampire Genesis;
- Master Kyonshee;
- Vampire Lord;
- Dark Dust Spirit;
- Pyramid Turtle;
- Spirit Reaper;
- Despair from the Dark;
- Ryu Kokki;
- Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower;
- Vampire Lady;
- Double Coston;
- Regenerating Mummy;
- Snatch Steal;
- Mystical Space Typhoon;
- Giant Trunade;
- Nobleman of Crossout;
- Pot of Greed;
- Card of Safe Return;
- Heavy Storm;
- Creature Swap;
- Book of Life;
- Call of the Mummy;
- Reload;
- Dust Tornado;
- Torrential Tribute;
- Magic Jammer;
- Reckless Greed;
- Compulsory Evacuation Device;
- Hallowed Life Barrier;
- Serial Spell;
- Vampire Baby;
- Tribute to the Doomed;
- Painful Choice;
- Premature Burial;
- Fear from the Dark;
- Dark Core;
- Rope of Life;
- Judgement of Anubis.

Thanks again for everything. I hope to receive some feedback, after all this could turn out to be pretty fun, given it would be the first deck I won't be getting from pre-made lists.
So you're looking for help identifying what parts of the provided card list are good? Here's my ranking...

S: Snatch Steal, Giant Trunade, Pot of Greed, Card of Safe Return, Heavy Storm, Torrential Tribute, Premature Burial
A: Pyramid Turtle, Spirit Reaper, Mystical Space Typhoon, Nobleman of Crossout, Book of Life, Dust Tornado, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Tribute to the Doomed, Painful Choice, Dark Core, Judgment of Anubis
B: Dark Dust Spirit, Call of the Mummy, Vampire Lord, Ryu Kokki, Magic Jammer, Reckless Greed, Hallowed Life Barrier
C: Master Kyonshee, Despair from the Dark, Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower, Double Coston, Regenerating Mummy, Fear From the Dark, Rope of Life,
D: Vampire Genesis, Vampire Lady, Serial Spell, Vampire Baby

First of all, I'd caution you guys regarding absolutely no limited list at all - formats full of 3 of Snatch Steal, Heavy Storm, and Pot of Greed get crazy fast. Anyway, my advice is that with those cards your greatest possible deck strategy is Card of Safe Return turbo. That card is really powerful and you have several cards that work enormously well with it, specifically Premature Burial, Book of Life, and Rope of Life. You can even use the Trunade - Premature Burial to rebuy Premature several times while keeping the monster you've brought back.

Monster wise, Pyramid Turtle is an excellent choice and searches some of your big beaters like Ryu Kokki. Spirit Reaper is a good wall in general and discarding is a big deal. If you're already playing Premature/Safe Return, you can get back turtle over and over to keep searching cards again too, which is quite powerful.

Vampire Lady and Baby just aren't good enough with such low attack, and Genesis is hard to get out as well as not really worth the effort. Rope of the Life can be good in a full on Safe Return deck, but the hand discard thing is risky. Despair from the Dark isn't so bad if you're going all in on Book of Life, so long as you have ways to discard it, and Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower could be interesting in such a build. Just watch out for if opponent has graveyard value too.

Other than that, a lot of the top tier cards are just immensely powerful staples. Honestly, as medium as Magic Jammer is, it'll probably be quite useful due to how gave changing Heavy Storm, Snatch Steal, and other similar old staple cards could be. Definitely worth inclusion as one of your few answers. That's what springs out to me from the list, anyway.

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