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Re: RedEyesCommando—

You can make Number 100: Numeron Dragon very easily in any rank-8 deck by using Number 97: Draglubion’s effect. You should never, ever make it going first since it will only have one xyz material to detach and will revert to zero by the time your turn comes around to attack, but it’s a better-than-most OTK option for BEWD.

The bigger issue is that it’s Brick City in the main deck. This deck wants to have it all—rituals, fusions, synchros and XYZs (no links though—arguably the only type of special summon this deck actually needs to run…). In the end, it will produce a single boss monster on its best opening hands (>25% or less), one or two less big monsters (>25% or less) and completely brick the rest of the time. The starter-extender ratio is completely off, even by Blue-Eyes standards. I see 3x Bingo Machine Go and it sends a shiver down my spine as I try to imagine optimally resolving that card three times from opening hand, realizing that at best I can now make a single Alternative Dragon…
thanks gio gio, you do understand!
and what unionforever says is the truth in a deck full of level 8 monsters these monsters are very normal Stardust Spark Dragon for its protect effect and number 100 as the finishing move with its otk, but it is a fun deck as you can see it is a block 60% oh even more it all depends! what if I tell you is that the new cards give him that missing mobility! it's really fun to use it!
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