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By jwestbro11
Right now I'm just trying to get the rules right before I start.

Each week each player opens up 1 of each pack and keeps one card of them to add to your collection. These packs can be found in the packs that are pullled

In addition each player gets 5 additional packs peer week. Based on the community choice but for week one will normally be Battle pack 1

3.This format will be played under master rule 5.

4. each round lasts one week and during this week you can challange any player. The first win gives you 5 points the second win against the same player gives you 3 points. For each game after the second game against the same player you gain 1 point

5. The person with the most points wins the round. They get one chaos ribbon. For each chaos ribbon they can reroll one pack that round. (edited)

6. each person who didn't win gets 3 packs of their choice from the same set to add to their collection. They cant pick the same set 2 again this tournament. For each player who played at least 1 game also gets to pick 1 ban or one additional pack of the pack they pulled this week

7. The first person to 10 chaos ribbons wins the round and enters the Hall of fame. then we restart

packs that pulled i added lots to the normal packs pulled. Just want to get honest critique of the packs so I know what ones are fundamentally broken or don't make sense.

Absolute Powerforce|1

Abyss Rising|1

Ancient Prophecy|1

Ancient Sanctuary|1

Blazing Vortex|1

Breakers of Shadow|1

Chaos Impact|1

Circuit Break|1

Clash of Rebellions|1

Code of the Duelist|1

Cosmo Blazer|1

Crimson Crisis|1

Crossed Souls|1

Crossroads of Chaos|1

Cyberdark Impact|1

Cybernetic Horizon|1

Cybernetic Revolution|1

Dark Crisis|1

Dark Neostorm|1

Dawn of Majesty|1

Dimension of Chaos|1

Duelist Alliance|1

Duelist Revolution|1

Elemental Energy|1

Enemy of Justice|1

Eternity Code|1

Extreme Force|1

Extreme Victory|1

Flames of Destruction|1

Flaming Eternity|1

Force of the Breaker|1

Galactic Overlord|1

Generation Force|1

Genesis Impact|1

Gladiator's Assault|1

Hidden Summoners|1

Ignition Assault|1

Invasion of Chaos|1

Invasion: Vengeance|1

Judgment of the Light|1

King's Court|1

Labyrinth of Nightmare|1

Legacy of Darkness|1

Legacy of the Valiant|1

Light of Destruction|1

Lightning Overdrive|1

Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy|1

Magic Ruler (European)|1

Magician's Force|1

Maximum Crisis|1

Metal Raiders|1

Mystic Fighters|1

Order of Chaos|1

Pendulum Evolution|1

Phantom Darkness|1

Phantom Rage|1

Pharaoh's Servant|1

Pharaonic Guardian|1

Photon Shockwave|1

Power of the Duelist|1

Primal Origin|1

Raging Battle|1

Raging Tempest|1

Return of the Duelist|1

Rise of Destiny|1

Rise of the Duelist|1

Rising Rampage|1

Savage Strike|1

Secret Slayers|1

Secrets of Eternity|1

Shadow of Infinity|1

Shadow Specters|1

Shadows in Valhalla|1

Shining Victories|1

Soul Fusion|1

Soul of the Duelist|1

Spirit Warriors|1

Stardust Overdrive|1

Starstrike Blast|1

Storm of Ragnarok|1

Strike of Neos|1

Tactical Evolution|1

The Dark Illusion|1

The Duelist Genesis|1

The Infinity Chasers|1

The Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon|1

The Lost Millennium|1

The New Challengers|1

The Secret Forces|1

The Shining Darkness|1

Toon Chaos|1

Ancient Guardians|1

Battles of Legend: Armageddon|1

Battles of Legend: Hero's Revenge|1

Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge|1

Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge|1

Bonds Beyond Time Movie Pack|1

Dragons of Legend|1

Dragons of Legend 2|1

Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series|1

Dragons of Legend: Unleashed|1

Hidden Arsenal|1

Hidden Arsenal 2|1

Hidden Arsenal 3|1

Hidden Arsenal 4|1

Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion|1

Hidden Arsenal 6: Omega Xyz|1

Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars|1

McDonald's Promo|1

McDonald's Promo Series 2|1

Number Hunters|1

The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack|1

Tournament Pack 1|1

Tournament Pack 2|1

Tournament Pack 3|1

Tournament Pack 4|1

Tournament Pack 5|1

Tournament Pack 6|1

Tournament Pack 7|1

Tournament Pack 8|1

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