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By ManuMango
What are your thoughts in Imperm? It's obviously very strong but I feel link as long as Bubble Reef is a viable card to play Imperm isn't all that in Marincess. It's a dead, weak trap if drawn off of Bubble Reef (instead of being live the turn it is drawn it's an effect negate two turns later)

Armored Bitron ends your entire turn if your opponent has Ash Blossom and is best case just another copy of Sea Horse on normal summon only.
Sea Archiver only extends if you manage to get two bodies on the field. By that time you don't need an extender. An extender should be there to help you get to the required amount of monsters on the field. An extender past two monsters is great for the Crystal Heart combo but any other extender can do that, too
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By DomTheJaegar
I kept imperm 'cause it's usefullness really depends on the opponent apart from that, Bubble Reef isn't now the best monster you can summon. I believe the deck now goes with Aqua Argonaut a card that negates spells, so imperm is ok for the deck. If you think you don't need it then of course swap in crossout.

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