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By ManuMango
First of all great update! But it seems that there is now no way to sort by Likes, Views and Comments.
I find each of these quite vital. Every archetype has tons of uploaded decks to their name and it's hard for people that wish to look into a new archetype to find a good list if they can't sort by the characteristics of a good deck (views and likes).
Comments I kinda get since it's often just people talking random stuff but still, it's not seldom that people engage in discussion over the decklist and the archetype and it's great for people to have the ability to sort by decklists with plenty of comments to find those discussions.
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Thanks for the feedback ManuMango.

I have added "likes" and "views" to the sort by dropdown box. I will also be doing it for comments but a little more work is required.

@EggJoe. I can definitely look into re-adding that to user profiles.
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