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By Stormageddon11
Ghost oger is also in here because I've been testing it for the future format..... it's surprisingly good....
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By ManuMango
Love the absence of the Coder Talkers in the ED. Can't get myself to cut them just yet but the deck became so much more viable with a pure ED.

For suggestions, I'd consider running Springirl at 3. Not only is she a Lvl4 extender but her mill is pretty great, too. Either to chainblock but also as another attempt to see Wave, since any sent Marincess card can easily be recursed with Anemone.

I guess Marincess won't end on Bubble Reef as often as it used to, just be aware that Imperm is pretty much the worst draw if you end on Bubble Reef. Droll & Lock Bird's pretty sweet rn if you have a couple of those.

And Sea Archiver I'd really suggest you cut. It only extends when you summon to a zone link monster points to. That's too late. If you manage to summon a second monster (meaning Blue Slug and/or Blue Tang's effects already went through) you don't really need another extender. This deck needs extenders that can summon that second body, which is the most vital, not one that only summons after. I know it's water and all but it's purely a win more extender in Marincess.

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