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By amorphage
Hey there!
If you watched the YuGiOh anime how about finding misplays characters made?

I got two, one cost a game big time

The first misplay was made by Jack Atlas during his duel against Yuya as the season two finale, it was right off the bat. On his first turn he summoned Red Sprinter and used its effect to summon Red Resonater, he then proceeded to tune them, his misplay? Red Resonater could’ve given hin 1900 LP, and by the way, it would’ve given him another turn.

The other misplay I saw was a bit more stupid, in Vrains Ghost Gal and Revolver were dueling, and Ghost Gal makes a misplay costing her the duel, she uses her skill Natural Cure to try to stop Revolvers Storm Access, she got Altergeist Kunquery, the Natural Cure added it to her hand and neither player gets life points, Revolver uses Storm Assess and gets topologic trisbania, bombs her backrow and attacks for game, guess who has a monster who negates the attack? That’s right, Ghost Gal could’ve used Kunquery to save herself from Trisbania
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By Hero_Odet
Heres the biggest problem in Vrains in the Playmaker vs Blue Angel duel its shown that characters can read each others cards then why do they never do that again?
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