A section to seek help with a deck you are building.
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By milowbrac
Hello everyone,

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound.

I've been recently obsessed with the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! game called Legacy of the Duelist: Link Revolution.

This is my first time actually spending this much time with the card game, before that I was aware of summoning types etc. but did not spend time to follow the meta or learn how to build a proper deck. Now, I want to learn to build a deck and follow the meta with the cards the game[VidMate Mobdro

has. I am open to any tips/suggestions, links you find helpful and so on.

Thank you so much.
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By Kcoby3198
Hi there,

regarding proper deckbuilding there are some basic rules you might already be familiar with:

- the decksize shouldn't be more than 40 cards to guaranty the optimal consistency for your deck
- play your best cards at three copies to see them as often as possible in your starting hand
- fill your extra deck up completely , even if it isn't important to your strategy
- be clear about your win condition and support it as good as you can in your deck

There are exceptions for all of these rules, but in general you should do fine by following them.

The rest depends on what kind of strategy you choose to play. If you have made up your mind about that question, you should look at deck lists of your archetype that topped at offical tournaments. Those are very good to get some inspiration for your own deck.

Here is link to a video about deck types, that I find very useful:

On Youtube you can find a million guides about deckbuilding.
You can also upload your deck list here and ask for help, people for sure will support you as good as they can. :)
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By Kongzilla
I once tried building a deck based on the teachings of Sun Tzu's the Art of War. It is a great read and if you are a big strategizer then it may open your mind to some interesting strategies and thus a weird and creative build.
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