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With BODE on the horizon, I feel like this topic is getting very heated, and I want to put my hat into the ring.

I think that Verte is a problem card. Not the problem card anymore, a problem card. This one monster has, and will continue to, enable degenerate combos in the future. As of this moment, both the OCG AND TCG are dealing with what this card can do.

In the OCG (and soon the TCG), DPE is letting any deck that can make 2 monsters be able to Quick Effect pop any card for the low cost of 2000 LP.Drident was just banned, and Broadbull (which is a GENERIC rank 40) has been banned for this exact reason. But PDE is not the problem card. Without Verte, you'd need to play an unsearchable fusion spell, unless you want to play the Predaplant duo and have 1 more brick.

Over here in TCG land, Dragoon has been a problem you just have to cope with for over a year now. The card makes the game overly sacky, with any deck that wants to at least try and deal with the meta has to play multiple hand traps, which now won't work because Crossout Designator's coming out (but that's a whole can of worms I don't want to go into.) But is it Dragoon that's the problem. A card that needs 2 level 7 VANILLAS and fusion spell that requires Dragoon to be the only thing you summon? Or the card that lets you cheat it out, and all that's needed of you is 2 monsters?

This already makes Verte bannable in any metagame, but there's even more! When Verte just came out, people were experimenting with Rainbow Neos to make the card even more versatile. For those who don't know, Rainbow Neos is a Monster with 4500 ATK that requires Rainbow Dragon (an unplayably bad Level 10 for Crystal Beasts) and Elemental HERO Neos, a DM counterpart. This card lets you send a monster/ST to spin back all Cards of your opponent that correspond to the type of card sent. And the card used was Neos Fusion, a card that has the same horrible restriction as Red-Eyes Fusion. But that restriction doesn't matter because Verte can just bypass it to make Rainbow Neos and let the player spin back every single monster your opponent controls. With 2 monsters.

Though, sadly, this is seen as too weak. But I'll tell you what Isn't weak. Prank-Kids. But what does this deck have to do with Verte? Well, it will use Verte to send Thunder Dragon Fusion to have to recycle material that they just used to make their link climb to summon Battle Butler, which can Quick Effect Raigeki. So, on top of having a super-strong grind game and unparalleled Link Climbing Ability, Prank-Kids can just put the material back for a Raigeki. Now granted, this can still happen without Verte, but Verte makes this from a sacky combo to something they can pull off every game.

So, In conclusion, Verte makes cards that should never have been played playable, Monsters that are sacky consistent, and decks that are already good broken. And the argument against it is "just draw the out KEKW". Ok, just draw the out to Summon Sorc or Royal Oppression. S/T removal is plentiful, and Nibiru/Veiler/Ash exists. But those cards are never coming back.

So why is the same argument used for Verte?
dragoon isnt a problem tho

and just because verte is played in a lot of decks doesn't make it a problem. its serving its purpose as help for
fusion decks.

most decks that play dpe play 3 fusion destiny anyway

your wrong about neos fusion. it does not have the same restrictions as red eyes fusion as it can be used at the end of your turn in which you have been special summoning. and rainbow neos sucks. only gimmicky blind second decks play it

verte is part of a prank kid combo that you said they dont even need. prank kids making a battle butler isn't unheard of

verte anaconda is not comparable to royal oppression and summon sorc. copying a fusion spell to get 1 negate is not comparable to special summoning a monster from your deck or stopping all special summoning.
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