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By Sintafury
I've been playing Jurrac for over 8 years and every deck list I come across I look at and see new ideas.

But there are certain cards that I have already given up, because they are completely unworkable in modern Yu-gi-oh.

If I may, I would like to suggest removing these cards from your list.

Are they:
- Jurrac Herra: Its effect is quite decent, but it is extremely situational and in a world where destruction effects exist and are common, the conditions to activate it become very rare. Not to mention that a smart opponent will read its effect and get around it.
Another issue is how it doesn't synergize with Jurrac Velo, Konami is difficult to understand sometimes.

Jurrac Stauriko: Another extremely situational monster that is easy to get around. I've already used a list with Evolsaur, where I used him and Herra to combo with Evolsaur Helias, besides being a target of Evoltile Casinerio together with Creature Swap.

Jurrac Monoloph: Jurrac Dino is far superior as a monster. Also, you will rarely be in a situation where you need to attack all of your opponent's monsters and will opt for Monoloph over Ultimate Conductor Tyranno.

Jurrac Velo: I used to use three copies of it, nowadays I only use one. Its effect is rarely useful. Normally it only serves as a level 4 monster for an XYZ, or synchro and as Jurrac Aeolo is useful in this deck, you can always reuse it or the Jurrac Guaiba.

Well, that's it. I love this deck and it's always nice to see people trying to create deck lists for it. Someday I hope to be able to optimize it.
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