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Hi frens,

I recently got top 4 at the Remote Duel Invitational this past weekend with Dragon Link. When I went to upload my deck profile, I noticed that a large portion of recent traffic to my YouTube channel was coming from the ygoprodeck forums. I hadn't posted on here before, but apparently my content was being shared on here. So, I figured I'd drop by and share my deck list with you all as a way of introducing myself. I know Dragon Link is not the most popular archetype right now, but if you're interested in playing the strategy in the near future, I think this list will provide a great jumping off point for you. I will link to the decklist that I uploaded here on YGOprodecks and embed my YouTube profile for those interested in hearing the reasoning / discussion.

Happy Friday, and good luck to those competing in tournaments this weekend :)

Deck Profile:
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