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By GioGio
whats the zoodiac combo for infinitrack?
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By Yugituber
Need: ratpier or throughblade + ramram. (In the case of throughblade you just discard ramram)
1. Normal rat (or the other stuff I meantioned above), eff to mill ramram
2. Overlay for chakanine, use eff to summon back ramram by detaching rat
3. Chakanine into drident, use eff to pop ramram by detaching chakanine
4. Eff ramram (was destroyed) so special back chakanine from GY
5. Drident into tiger mortar, use eff detaching drident to attach drident from grave into chakanine
6. Chakanine eff (soft once per turn) detach drident to summon drident
7. Link drident + chakanine + tiger mortar into megaclops!!
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