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The recent list saw True King of All Calamities (VFD), the most oppressive boss monster of the previous format, get vanished from the game. Being as dominant as it was, all the competitive builds of Virtual World focused on getting 2 level 9’s and slapping it on the board. With its strongest wincon gone, let’s see what Virtual World can do, and if it’s enough to combat the meta.

PinkZoneAmy wrote:TL;DR: THe best they can do is an inconsistent hand loop and Zues pass
It's either a lock with a Caliga and a negate for your only monster effect (while playing around Nib), or a Macro Cosmos on field backed with a pop to protect it!

* deck also just topped the cash regional filled with meta decks, so there's that, too ;)
The Phantom Knights 4-2021

your ratios are a bit silly, you should run 3 ash […]

Triamids I got 5th Place With

Its shit

Dark magician

Yeah that's a pretty big flop.

Superheavy Samurai 4-2021

The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]