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By Yugituber
Dude if you want to win against meta play zoodiac tribrigade - there is even an infinite negate combo with that and zoodiac can easily get 2 beast warriors on the field with chakanine. This also allows you to add zeus to the deck
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By Praizze
I'm not all too interested in winning vs the meta honestly, though thank you for your recommendations. I am mostly interested in maybe making this work a bit more smoothly than it currently does (I'm not unhappy with it's performance, otherwise I would not have posted it here) so if there are any cards that should/could be replaced without actually changing the entire theme of the deck then I would love to know them (I have only just returned to Yu-Gi-Oh! and haven't done anything ever since pendelums were first released)
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By henrystick
that's ok, i can't really give much for suggestions for simorgh since i used them badly in the past, but for tribrigades i suggest when you get the chance to run the newer tri monster as it's able to summon shuraig easier, also run apex avian as a target for bird of sovereignty
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