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By Snoopyiscool123
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Old-school deck that could have been the deck of the ZEXAL of Kite and Mizar.

Built around Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon

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By Snoopyiscool123
Sorry I got confused over the Master Card and accidentally chose Grit. Beatdown would work much better for this kind of deck.
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By Snoopyiscool123
If you wanted a strategy, I suggest not squandering your Photon Sanctuary. With them, you can do three things. 1) You can tribute them to summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon from your hand (worst choice) 2) You can overlay them to summon Starliege Lord Galaxia and use his ability to summon Galaxy eyes. Basically the first choice plus another monster. (You can also add on Eternal Galaxy to turn Galaxia into Tachyon Dragon or Prime Photon Dragon or even Neo Galaxy Eyes Photon) 3)If you have Photon Caesar in your hand you can sacrifice both of them to summon Caesar, who can summon another Caesar. Then, you can overlay both Caesars to summon tachyon Dragon. All of this is in one turn, with one or more cards.
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