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By PurpleUniTurtleMan
Cool deck, though I'd like to ask something. Why use extra-deck space for Gaia the Dragon Campion when it's counterparts don't have their full 3? You said it was TCG/OCG...what? You have OCG exclusive cards, but also include the Scapeghost to Borrel combo which requires 4 zones. BTW if you don't know is a card is OCG specific, check the art and if you see the red Yu-Gi-Oh logo on the bottom right, then it is. You have only 1 of some archetype specific cards, but also a large amount of filler. I understand the reluctance to use traps but... Please do not take this as negative criticism, it's a cool deck and I simply noticed room for improvement. If I was wrong about anything please ignore it, I'm tired. Please do check out some of mine, maybe find some room for improvement yourself. (Except my really old ones, I know they're bad and I'm too lazy t fix them but have made a few new ones.)
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By coolqueval
hi, i using spade for dispatch, it is rare in a duel to use 3,I specify ocg / tcg because the banlist on which I base myself is the tcg while including ocg cards, I do not take it badly, especially not against constructive criticism, thank you for expressing yourself

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