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By XShadowX
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The legendary duo! Dark Magician and his apprentice, Dark Magician Girl, team up in this deck!

I'm still testing this deck so please excuse me if it's not that good

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By zabimaroux
Heya, just my grain of salt to try and help out, don't need to listen:p. Just from my perspective.

In my eyes you deck seems bricky. A few things i would change( but to try and keep the style you want)

Remove two dark magician girls. Shes a dead card to have in hand. You only really use her for dark burning magic. Even if she dies or you use her as discard, bond will bring her back for her only purpose specially since you don't use the new DM trap card that makes them rotate. So in you deck it's her only purpose.

Also I'd use only 1 bond since its also a brick and you can easily search it.
Dark magic attack at 2 is actually a good idea i might do that, although id put 1 in side deck since a lot of decks don't use much back row.

Instead of poly i like utlra poly since it can also be searched by keeper but enemies can't respond to it, and you can bring back materials to use for other stuff.
3 eyes of timaeus is risky since its a dead card if you don't have a board.but i see what your going for, I'll just say try to look into imduk link dragon and super poly(multiple use but add supper poly targers like venom or predaplant etc..) or the new DM fusion card(since searchable)
Since you don't use extravagance you don't really need extra deck duplicates. Also ebon hight with you deck is useless since you don't have any useful quickspells/traps to activate from hand.

Depending if you decide to to the eye of timaeus changes imduk is a good add to extra deck for a dragon target, link spider aswell incase you only find 1 dm and need to use circle.

Anyway this would make you deck a little less bricky while still keeping your style of deck. Another draw card like duality or the new dark magician draw card would be good but again trying to keep it similar so didn't mention it.

And the ideas i added would make the deck better but your missing a lot of good cards that could make it better, but would change the style your going for.

Sorry for long post
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By Badger16
Well, thanks for the long post! I'm going back to the game after a "pause" of a couple years and am completely lost in the new meta and tactics, and posts like yours are just what I need to get back on track!
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