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By shadowblaze200
Hey guys, no matter what deck i select of mine or the pre-built AI decks, the game keeps saying there illegal and wont let me duel. I've checked to make sure that my decks are all updated with the newest ban-list and they are. Any suggestions on what i should do.
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Samuel Adams 17 wrote:
Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:22 am
Can someone please tell me exactly what it is that is "illegal and unknown" about this deck?
Raigeki is forbidden in OCG and YGOPRO2 only uses OCG rules for online as far as I know.

That's rather confusing since the client is showing you the TCG rules but the online modes in it can only use OCG rules.
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By Samuel Adams 17
So far I've tried removing Raigeki, Red eyes darkness metal dragon, dark magician, monster reborn, neo blue eyes ultimate, azure eyes, and dark paladin, from my deck and there's no change.
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