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Hi there,

- You should cut the beast-warrior cards and play more normal monsters, the Tenyies only work with those normal or non-effect monsters.

- Don't play Metamorphortress, Berserking, Counter Gate. These cards are to gimmicky, the rest of the traps you play are quiet solid.

- Summoning Darkness Metal, the Dragon of Dark Steel is nearly impossible in this deck, you play to many different attributes.
Ok, I took out the beast-warrior and most of the effect mo0nsters. I also removed the trap you suggested removing. I plan to put in Tune Warrior, Angel Trumpeter, 2 Swift Scarecrow, and maybe that is a big maybe 2 Summoner Monk, and a Warrior Dai Grepher. I know these cards do not really work with Tenyi, but they are currently what I have that could work. I know the Summoner Monk only works with spell cards so I would need to add a few spell cards to make full use of summoner monk. I still want the deck to be simple so it can be used as a sort of training deck.
even for a "Beginner Training Deck" this is 1 of the worst tenyi decks I've seen. Tenyi isn't a trap based deck so using HALF your main deck for traps is not only a waste of deck space its just making the deck worse and your "support" cards weren't even good when they came out like the pendulum cards and mystical moon plus the extra deck is a mess u don't even run the other tenyi link monsters which makes no sense.
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