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Welcome back to the Banlist series! There have been quite a few changes to the list from when I first released the original series. For this article, I will detail the updates to the list and, same as before, talk about why those cards got banned, and whether or not they should come back.

I think my only complaint with the list is that in the "can it come back" sections, they didn't try to say "if they did this to the card, then it could come back". So many cards can be fixed with a few restrictions that, all it would take is a rerelease of the card with those restrictions to get it off.
Like the sky striker card, Idk much about the arctype since i've never played them. But it seems like you could add a once per turn and maybe add a discard 1 card effect to it so that way you aren't getting a plus 1 out of it.

Imo that's all Konami needs to do, either add effects to nerf the cards. That or do what they usually do and wait till they won't help at all and then unban them.

Heck i feel like Ib could be fixed by negating the effects of the special summoned monster when it leaves the field (on the second effect), and maybe make the first effect be that you can't summon the card the turn you get it.

Brilliant fusion just needs an effect block on the fusion summoned monster for it to stop the normal summon effect on seraphinite, that way people go for poly instead or won't use it unless they need something on the field.

tempest magician just needs to have it so you can only remove 1 counter per turn and it can be brought back.

again that's only a few of them but i'm sure anyone with knowledge on the game could find ways to fix these cards and get them removed from the list or get them to atleast be limited.

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