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In my opinion, here’s the structure decks as of late or worth mentioning in order of best to worst:
Top: Dinos who keep winning and the maximum gold reprints make the scrap engine relatively cheap.

Second: salads if you don’t mind spending a lot of big ones because it’s three times the price as any other structure deck and some more getting sunlight wolfs

Cyber strike, it with a reprint of one of the most generic cards in yugioh and cyber dragons can be pretty good, if you get this one just don’t forget to toss aside a little more money for some more fusions

Shaddolls, three of this structure alone can take you a pretty long way, a much longer way if you’re willing to invest in schism, sadly though it lacks in handtraps and generic prints and the best way to play shaddolls involves an engine that costs quite a bit

Machina, this deck has been a really solid deck for the cards it can mix with, sadly though you’re going to be tossing away a large portion of the deck and buying a lot of singles, don’t get me wrong, the deck is great but for earth machines I suggest buying singles

Sacred beasts, despite the deck being a little lacking in some departments it’s an incredibly simple deck to learn and play and is a really good deck for introducing new players to the game and teaches them how summoning conditions work
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