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By unionforever
Look, I get the theme-ing with these BLS decks and as a huge fan of BLS myself, I’m always down to take a look whenever someone posts one on here. Some parts of it even look decent. But then you’ve got stuff like Sacred Soldier in here that’s completely unplayable, even in a fun/casual sense.

It’s all left me concluding that there really isn’t a good BLS deck to be built from the available card pool right now. I built one myself and what it did, it did very consistently. The problem is, it only did one thing: put out BLS onto the field. Occasionally with a perfect draw, you could maybe get a link-2 on there also, but it’s just not enough. Other than the SOC link and maybe Envoy of the Beginning, I’m left without any ideas for working BLS into a playable deck. Some of the Drytron builds look solid, though that’s obviously a whole different thing.
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By sshadow101090
i get where you're coming from on this, however this deck is more intended for the OG players that played the game when it first came out (like myself) to those that are just picking it up for the first time now and want to learn the game from the ground up (a structure deck if you will). i was in the process of editing the description about this when you commented lol so it's all good and i appreciate the feedback, and i encourage anyone that can improve this deck that is inspired by it to comment their version of it while trying to keep the main deck around 40 cards (45 cards is IMO is no good) and the side deck at 15 cards.
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