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By Jonathan Martins
In "Combo 4: Wind + Fire + Ashuna" instead of going straight to Chixiao it's much better to do Baxia first which guarantees a lot more plus for the same end board:
Gamestate: Synchro 10 (Baroness) + Synchro 8 Chixiao + Baxia + Trap /in Hand: Fire or Ashuna +1 Draw /in GY: Wind + Water + Link1 Monk /Banished: Ashuna + Adhara

Other points I want to make about the decklist: I highly recommend you guys using Vessel and Heavenly Dragon Circle and Archenemeses Protos. I particularly like Heavenly Dragon Circle more than Vessel but many players like to use 2 copies of each for Circle's versatility and Vessel's power. Protos is an absurd card and helps against almost any matchup and also in mirror match if you do Chengying and declare Water. Draco Masters of the Tenyi proved in tests that I make an excellent card to break field going second, this deck together with Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade are the only ones that can break field with several interactions only with the engine of the deck which is one of theirs best qualities if well piloted. And speaking of using the deck masterfully Swordsoul Tenyi will punish you to nth power if not used correctly so train a lot with this deck if you want to play competitively because it is not as simple as it appears to be.

and the video with the crazy combos??

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