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I dont know if anybody noticed or even care to notice but the combo tutorial I just shown is a bit similar to the same way Cyber Dragons play except Cyber Dragons got more Extra Deck options and more free summon monsters in the Main Deck, something DM needs in more newer support for OCG/TCG. This is only a standard deck.
Never did I imagine jobe to return. Dude, you're been banned from this site for this exact behavior. You don't bother listening and just brag about stuff without evidence, being evasive the second someone calls you out on it.

I don't know if you're doing this on purpose but I really did hope I'd see some growth but it seems that's not the case
To start off with, 5 card combos are SO accessible, especially when you topdeck the nuts and magically call the top card right (certainly not using the don't shuffle deck feature). The board that you end on is substandard, with an admittedly good boardwipe but that's it. All you have is lots of reasoably high ATK monsters, which other decks can do way easier, and without needing 5 cards to do it, plus this combo dies to any hand trap ever printed.

I like how you said you liked DuelingBook yet the best replay you had was you summoning 3 monsters that each draw 1 and the opponent scooping. If you're deck was truly and I quote "Undefeated 10-0" then show us a good replay and USE THE ACTUAL DECK.

Norito, 2 Dragoons etc. is a good board, but I have played Dark magician for the last 3 years and I know that ending on Dragoon two backrow and Circle is next-level (be sure to check out my Dark Magician deck profile on YGOPRODECK). But even assuming that you actually did make that board (which I don't as if you did then you'd show people the proper decklist) it would be RIDICULOUSLY lucky and inconsistent, it's like saying "WOW I used 1 card to FTK my opponent with Halqifibrax but I run 12 bricks and only 1 unsearchable starter".

Like I say I've been playing Dark Magician for 3 years and I can tell you they will NEVER give them a truly powerful 1-card combo, as the cards being for Dark Magician or Blue-Eyes already sells them, it's like saying "I know that with the right support Dark Scorpion will be great", but the sad truth is that they won't. Also DM could 100% survive in a backrow hate format...

Dark Magician and Cyber Dragon are not similar in the slightest, Cyber Dragon has 1 to 2 card combos that can absolutely devastate opponents, such as the 1.5 card Cyberdark OTK that plays through Nibiru and runs 1 brick (be sure to see my Cyber Dragon Deck ft. 1.5 Cyberdark Combo on YGOPRODECK), and they have easy access to cards that can break boards such as Megafleet, Rampage and Infinity. The joke wasn't on them if you were wrong.

To conclude, I think it is awful for putting a clickbait 10-0 title and unrealistic combos/replays on this decklist, while calling it meta-changing but then admitting it is sub-standard. The point of this is to just say PLEASE DON'T PUT THESE CLICKBAIT TITLES ON LOW-ROGUE DECKS.
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