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By ManuMango
Unless either Arlekino or Coaster is poorly worded Arlekino won't trigger off of Coaster like Multifaker does off of Spoofing.

You use the search effect of Spoofing when activating the card, which is why Multifaker can trigger, since a Trap Card was activated.
If you use the effect of a Spoofing that's already face-up you cannot summon Multifaker. For that same reason you cannot summon Arlekino off of Coaster alone.

When activating Coaster you target a monster to which it equips on resolution. Then, on a new chain you can activate Coaster's effect to add Arlekino. At that time no Trap Card has been activated, only the effect of a trap which has already been activated in a previous chain. You then need to activate another card to summon Arlekino.
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By Traptrix
Its more that since your hand is an unknown, Arlekino can trigger not because you search him on activation. i guess its kinda like gazelle? where since even though theres only one theres no way to prove you didnt have it in hand on activation.
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By ManuMango
You named the reason why you can summon monsters from hand if they met their activation requirement in the same chain in which they were added to hand.
That's why konami often prints (if it was there when x) and (even if not) if such an effect works from both the GY and the hand, with the former being from GY and the latter from hand.

However, that's totally besides the point. What I'm saying is is that Arlekino does NOT meet its activation requirement when added off of Coaster.
I gave you the reason in my previous comment. Arlekino triggers if a Trap Card is activated, which only happens the instant the card itself is activated (duh), any other effect a
card may have that you can activate is not considered to be a card that's activated, only an effect.
That's why something like Herald of Ultimateness can negate the effect of Dragonmaid Tidying to bounce when it is being activated on the field but cannot negate the GY effect of Tidying to summon a Dragonmaid from hand or GY, since the player is only activating an effect of a card, not the card itself.

When you activate the card Coaster, no Arlekino is added in that chain. When you activate the effect of a Coaster that is equipped to a monster already you are no longer activating as card effect and Arlekino's trigger was never met in that chain in the first place.
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By ManuMango
I should add to the exampled that Herald of Ultimateness says "activates a Spell Card, Trap Card" and can only negate s/t card activation, not effect activation.
Compare that to Adamancipator Risen - Dragite who says "activates a Spell/Trap Card or effect"
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By DarkMahad87
ManuMango is correct. There's a difference between activating a spell/trap card and activating a spell/trap effect. Spell/Trap card activation means playing it face up (either from the hand, or flipping it face up after being set previously). Spell/Trap effect activation is when an already face up card has an effect that starts a chain (an example of this is Dark Magical Circle's effect to banish that activates when Dark Magician is summoned). Coaster does the latter to search for Arlekino, but Arlekino requires the former to meet the trigger conditions of its effect.

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