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@PedraoNoisQVoa --> I'm glad that I got you back into the game!!
Blue-Eyes Chaos Maxx Dragon is a great card, but can mostly be abused by using the second effect of Chaos Form that lets you summon Chaos Maxx by banishing Blue-Eyes from the grave --> very easy to achieve in Blue-eyes deck. Splashing Blue-Eyes Maxx in a Nekroz build would mean trading either a unicore and/or manju and/or Candoll OR Valkyrus which you really do not want to lose. It would also deteriorate the consistency of the deck.

Ruin Supreme Queen has a correct effect, but far too weak considering its summoning conditions (you need to tribute from the field according to Cycle of the World). It prevents your monsters from being destroyed by card effects, but in actual metagame, there is plenty of other ways to get rid of the board: banishing, banishing face-down, sending to grave, returning to hand. And wich monster will you protect if you need to tribute from the field?

Lord of the Red = same reasoning as Blue-Eyes Chaos Maxx.

Nephtys --> I tried this card but it is not great for several reasons:
1/ its effect adds up only when you tribute a ritual monster.
2/ when you manage to summon it with one or 2 tributes, it's not that effective. When you tribute it with 3 Nekroz, it usually means that you are already winning the game, you don't need a card that only makes you "win even more". An Extra Deck monster in this deck would rather be used to try a come back (Exciton Knight).
3/ MAIN REASON: You can't invoke it if you have impcantations on the board, because you can't SS from Extra Deck.

I see you are trying to find innovative ways to combine the Nekroz core with some other ritual archetypes and that's great. Derck Bulding is what Yu Gi Oh is all about. Next step is the Dogamtika version wich gives a HUGE boost to the Nekroz archtype, I ll soon publish my guide. If you somehow manage to find a stable version with Blue-Eyes Chaos Maxx, let me know!
Amazing work dude! I was so excited when i saw such an extensive and comprehensive guide on a Yugioh Deck. Both the Sacred Beast and the Toon decks are awesome too (made 1 minor tweak though to match my style). Could you pretty please make an updated Nekroz guide with the dragma engine?

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