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By Yugituber
This looks more like a combo version of the deck with a lot of extenders, but is that version even worth playing with Eloy gone?? World legacy is also not that great anymore since there is no need to use piety eff turn 1. I can give you some tips about the control variety if you’d like or you can just keep the combo variet, but I definitely recommend making some changes
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By Yugituber
deeryuu wrote:
Wed Aug 04, 2021 11:26 pm
i would love feedback. thank you!
First off, you only need (for "big dragons") 1 of each ernus, lorpar and thicnek.
Changeover is good at 2 or 1 copy (2 because of ariel and DD crow and stuff)
Don't play world legacy and cut hospitality to 2-1 copies
Play 3 of each maid except just play 1-0 nurse and 0 laundry.
Play 1 downtime and 3 tidying
Play multiple handtraps and traps, like solemn striker, dinomiscus and Torrential and cut all the other "combo cards" and extenders
try playing TTT and droplets
Hope this helped!

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