A section to seek help with a deck you are building.
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I for one, net deck. I will admit it because net decking isn't the worst thing in the world. I build it based off of net decking. I don't just take the deck and play it and go, "aha I made the best deck ever!" because the first five games I play with it I get a feel for it. Then after that I'll go, "Okay, this didn't work for me but it did for them. Let's try this to fit my play style."

I just wanted to know how other people build their decks and see if I wasn't the only person who would net deck and then make it my own.VidMate Mobdro
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Personally, I look at other decks online and add my own flavor to the deck. I also just go with what I feel at the time. I first figure out what I want the deck to do and then I build the deck around what I thought about. I then for added measure ask for assistance and ideas from other people to build a deck that I feel fits my kind of playstyle.
I like to read every card that supports the deck I’m building and then occasionally netdeck, I do it more now and just make tweaks to fit the style I want
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