General discussion about Yu-Gi-Oh!
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By Cat Hat
Hi may name is Yuri (Cat Hat).

My Playstyle is Fast and Reckless. It feels great when i summon lots of monsters on the field.
My Real Deck is an unfinished Fluffal Deck.
My Favorite types of monsters are Fiends, Reptiles, Insects and Plants.
My Favorite Character of all Yu-Gi-Oh series is "Mai Valentine" from Duel Monsters.
I've never been in a tournament.
I Love new supports for old cards.
I Wish an Yugi-Oh OVA of Tag Force with Yuma (other Yuma) as main character.
I Love Ice Cream, Cake and Pie.
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By Hyperion-OMRGA
Well I might as well..

Ahem, I am Hyperion-OMEGA (thought due to a typo, the handle here is rendered as "OMRGA" instead >.>). I'm been collecting the cards since the start of the game basically (Around the time AST and SOD were released). I tend to gravitate toward cute/cutsey decks, but I also have decks outside that like Salamangreat, Pendulum Magician and Shaddoll.

I recently submitted a Solfachord decklist and and to reddit for feedback on optimizing (and to sue this site as a visual aide if needed).
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By Kcoby3198
Hello there,

I am a bit late with introducing  myself but here we go:

My Name is Kcoby3198. I played YU-GI-OH! in my childhood, but (sadly) made a break after like 2013.
I got back to the game in 2019 and since then I try my best to spend all my money filling up the hole in my heart, the long absence from the game has left. 

I like decks that can grind good like Zefra, Salamangreat, etc., and I also like playing older formats like GOAT, Tengu-Plant and others.

I am looking forward to having a great time on this site and getting a lot of inspiration from other players! 
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By Caspernicus
Hi, I know it's been a year, but I'll introduce myself here now (better late than never).

My name is Caspernicus, and I have been crazy about Yu-gi-oh for about a year and a half. My favorite deck to play right now is Magical Musket Eldlich (my own design), though I have looked into ISD, VW, Salamangreat, Zoo-Eld and Drytron (BTW, if someone could help me and my brother figure out a way to do Drytron Tri-Brigade, tht'd be awesome! There's real potential when using Fire Fist - Eland, but we're having trouble with tying to get him in 4 summons to out Nib). Honorable mention for me trying to get Tenyi to work.

So, yeah, that's basically me!
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By Moonside
I'm Moonside! I played YGO a little bit in high school during the late 5D's/early Zexal era (never competitively, though) and then got back to it in late 2018 just after Firewall Dragon got the axe. YGOprodeck has been a great inspiration for me to learn and play all sorts of decks, and I've recently gotten into collecting cards physically. Nice to meet you all!
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By cpt_chopper_45
Hey i am chopper_45 i love Dinos and Blackwings and am a competitive yugioh player who mmains Dinos (even after Misc got hit (I AM LOYAL!).
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By MidnightReaper
Hey everyone! I got back into Yugioh again around four months ago, and I've been building decks in Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution and am absolutely stoked for the new Yugioh Master Duel when it comes out!

Basically, I'm just a dude in his 20s with severe brain damage, I make a lot of music, and I write a lot. It's nice to meet you all!
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By skream203
I am skream203. i have 18 years old. I play a lot of deck but mostly pendulum deck. I love invokhed and every pend deck. my main is endymion / flunderezze / invokhed shaddoll.
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