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hey everyone! as the title says im fairly new to YGO and have a few structure decks(3 mech madness, 3 slifers,1 frozen chains,1 obelisk, 1 dinosmash fury and 1 spirit charmers). also have a bunch of kings court cards from the 5 boxes i bought.( have 2 lightning storms im willing to use) and have 3 duel devastator's coming. bought some random packs of other sets but nothing worth listing besides I:P.
So im looking for a somewhat competitive deck to play around with on EDO for now before i build it and i would like to go to some local events! due to covid there spots are really limited so i wouldnt want to waste a spot using my 3X machina deck LOL.

id really like some help as to what decks to try out and such! id say budget is like $150usd/200 cad. keep in mind i have some of the staples coming that would take 40+ off most builds.

Thanks and looking forward to everyone help!
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Hello there,

based on the fact, that you already got 3x Machina Madness, I would suggest building an Earth-Machine-Toolbox deck. You only need some Infinitrack cards, some Train cards and a little Ancient Gear engine and the deck is good to go. Those cards are not expensive at all and the deck is quite solid. It's not top tier, but piloted in the right way, one could argue it might be rouge tier. You will find many videos on YouTube and deckprofils on YGOPro.

Another solid and cheap deck is Salamangreat. Besides Accescode Talker, the deck is very affordable and did see some competitiv success in the past.

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