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By Linakesh
Hey everyone,

Been a long time player since LOB, stopped paying in 2004-2005, then got back into the game between 2010-2013. Took a break and just started again in 2019. The game has changed so much and seems like you just need to play archetype decks to win.

My main deck was Quickdraw DandyWarrior and I loved the flexibility, combos, and overall playstyle of the deck. I'm looking to build something similar but potentially competitive too. Any of the modern Yugioh experts can lead me in the right direction? Perhaps like Dragon Link?
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By Kcoby3198
Hello there,

I don't know if it counts, but dinosaur is a good non-archetype deck (not sure tho).
Drytron Fairies Post Limited Eva

Ahh woops. Thanks for catching that i'll edit.

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your deck 1

yo where did you generate this